Food Fight!

Food Fight! (47)

Friday, 25 April 2008 01:00

The New Supermarket

A new supermarket opened near my house. It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain. When you pass the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and you
Monday, 19 November 2007 18:08

Vegetable Garden

Once there was a beautiful woman who loved to work in her vegetable garden, but no matter what she did, she couldn't get her tomatoes to ripen. Admiring her neighbour's garden, which had beautiful bright red tomatoes, she went one day and enquired
Wednesday, 16 May 2007 07:23

Fly in the Soup

It all depends on local custom. In Australia, a fly in one’s soup results in it being sent back to the kitchen and a row with the management.In England, the head waiter quietly, daintily,
Monday, 14 May 2007 03:43

Left Handed Whopper

More than 32 Million Americans Could Benefit MIAMI, FL, March 31 -- Burger King Corporation today announced the launch of the new Left Handed WHOPPER, which will become available nationwide tomorrow.
Monday, 14 May 2007 03:24

Grocery Store

A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked the stock boy, 'Do these turkeys get any bigger?' The stock boy
Monday, 30 October 2006 20:59

Kitchen Signs

1. Dinner will be ready when the smoke alarm goes off. 2. No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes. 3. If, we are what we eat, then I'm easy, fast, and cheap. 4. A balanced diet is a
Tuesday, 03 October 2006 19:00

Tough Order!

A resident in a posh hotel breakfast room called over the head waiter one morning and said with a wonderful and cheerful smile. "Good Morning sir. What a wonderful morning I'd like two boiled eggs,
Wednesday, 02 August 2006 19:00

Trucker Breakfast

A young man at his first job as a waiter in a diner has a large trucker sit down at the counter and order, "Gimme 3 flat tires and a couple of headlights." Bewildered he goes to the kitchen and tells
Thursday, 27 July 2006 19:00

Now What

A lady went to the butcher shop looking for a chicken for dinner. She asked the butcher to see his selection. He only had one chicken left but did not disclose this to the lady. He kept the chickens
Wednesday, 05 July 2006 19:00

The Soup

After his recent stay in the hospital, Pa was particularly irritable, especially regarding food. At a nearby restaurant he stopped for a quick meal and the waiter provided a bowl of soup. As the
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