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Monday, 30 October 2006 17:17


Mother decided that 10-year-old Cathy should get something 'practical' for her birthday."Suppose we open a savings account for you?" mother suggested. Cathy was delighted."It's your account, darling," mother said as they arrived at the bank, "so you
Tuesday, 17 October 2006 19:00

All Alone

Sandy began a job as an elementary school counselor and she was eager to help. One day during recess she noticed a girl standing by herself on one side of a playing field while the rest of the kids enjoyed a game of soccer at the other. Sandy
Friday, 06 October 2006 19:00


A little girl in first grade was doing very well especially in spelling. One day she came home with new words to study for an upcoming test and she asked her mother to help. They came to the word
Friday, 06 October 2006 19:00

Origin of Life

One day a sweet little girl becomes puzzled about her origin. "How did I get here, Mommy?" she asks. Her mother replies, using a well-worn phrase, "Why God sent you, Honey." "And did God send you
Wednesday, 04 October 2006 19:00


Our seven-year-old daughter was thrilled when we took her to Disney World for the first time and headed straight for Space Mountain. I worried that the roller coaster would be too scary for her, but
Friday, 11 August 2006 19:00

Scavenger Hunt

A woman answered her front door and saw a little boy holding a list. "Lady," he explained, "I'm on a scavenger hunt, and I still need three grains of wheat, a pork-chop bone and a piece of used
Wednesday, 02 August 2006 19:00

Twenty Dollars

"Hey, Mom," asked Johnny "Can you give me twenty dollars?" "Certainly not." "If you do," he went on, "I'll tell you what dad said to the maid when you were at the beauty shop." His mother's ears
Tuesday, 01 August 2006 19:00

Animal Crackers

A mother and her young son returned from the grocery store and began putting away the groceries. The boy opened the box of animal crackers and spread them all over the table. "What are you doing,"
Thursday, 27 July 2006 19:00


The telephone rings in the principal's office at a school. "Hello, this is Dunn Elementary," answers the principal. "Hi. Jimmy won't be able to come to school all next week," replies the voice.
Thursday, 27 July 2006 19:00

New Toy

Tom had won a toy at a raffle. He called his kids together to ask which one should have the present. "Who is the most obedient?" he asked. "Who never talks back to mother? Who does everything she