Wednesday, 29 April 2015 21:20

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Hey everyone! 

It has been a crazy busy year! My apologies for few updates and be reassured, i'm still here and still updating. After 15 years, it getting really tricky to find new jokes though!

Website features still to come for the new design:

  • Search - definitely in the works and should be in by next week.
  • Add content = still reviewing but should be possible so stay posted!
  • New photos on the front page. I have put in a brand new photo gallery as the old one was not being maintained anymore so everything had to be re-imported :( total pain.
  • videos section being expanded. I am going to be working on this as soon as possible now I can link to them so definitely stay tuned!

Any other suggestions? Add your comments below. 

I maintain this site by myself and only receive barely enough to cover the hosting :/ so I must put my time into the job that pays the bills.


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